Brow Lift

When the forehead and eyebrows begin to droop, you may begin to look older then you truly are. The weight of this excess skin may make someone look more tired. The indicator for a brow lift include eyes that may have become hooded and the forehead falls over the orbital bone. A Blephroplasty (Eye lid Surgery) corrects loose skin on the upper eyelid or hanging bags beneath the lash line. This may be performed at the same time to increase visibility and diminish the look of premature aging. 

The Procedure

A Brow Lift targets certain muscles and tissues that are known to cause a hooded brow. To eliminate and correct the droopiness around the forehead and eye area, small incisions are made in the upper forehead hairline region. The skin is then anchored to the upper frontalis muscle and is sutured closed. This outpatient procedure lifts and tucks the skin while providing minimal downtime. More open eyes and a softer appearance can be seen immediately after the surgery. Typically this procedure is performed under anesthesia.


During your consultation, Dr. Debra Atkins will discuss options to enhance your surgical experience. Lasers such as microneedling or Fraxel may be suggested to thicken the skin and reduce wrinkles prior to your procedure. Botox can be a placeholder for surgery to provide lift and correction to the forehead muscles. Dermal filler such a Juvederm Volbella or Belotero fill in the delicate region under the eye and can help with brightening the overall appearance. 

Blephroplasty and Brow Lift

If the sagging skin in the upper region of the forehead is excessive, your surgeon may suggest a combination of a Brow and Eyelid lift. A Brow Lift in junction with a Blephroplasty includes the incision on the hairline and the upper eyelid in the lid crease. The skin is then removed from each and the incision is closed. Increase in overall swelling is a possibility, but there would be less downtime than if the two surgeries were performed separately. Hair Transplant may be available for eyebrow hair replacement. Please call 678-213-2220 to schedule an in person consultation with Dr. Debra Atkins or her medical team.

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