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Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)

Overtime, skin around the eyes may sag and feel heavy, which can impair vision or make the eyes appear tired. This excess skin may make the appearance of aging more noticeable. A Blepharoplasty removes the hanging flap of skin providing a tight youthful appearance.

Not only does loose skin around the eye make one look tired, but also it can increase wrinkles around the eye. When the skin begins to fall below the lash line, the Frontalis and Orbicularis Oculi muscles are forced to lift for you to properly see. A brow lift may also be something to consider if the skin around the forehead and eyebrow appears to be drooping as well.

A simple at home test you can do is to press your finger lightly above the outer eye brow and lift upwards. If your eye looks more youthful and awake, then you may want to schedule a consultation appointment for an upper Blepharoplasty. For the lower lid, move upwards and out to see if a lower Blepharoplasty be right for the bags that appear under the eye. Sometimes a laser may be considered in junction with a Blepharoplasty to prevent scarring and further tighten the skin. 

The Procedure

The procedure will be performed in our sterile out-patient surgical center located in the East Cobb office. The surgeon will mark the eye while you are standing to provide the most successful results post procedure. A Blephroplasty is normally performed under local anesthesia or numbing. Small incisions are made to remove excess skin, tissue, and fat pads previously determined during your consultation. Recovery and downtime is minimal due to the fine hair like sutures that are used to promote proper healing. Common side effects are swelling, bruising, tenderness or pain at the treatment site and normally last 5 to 7 days after surgery. 

During your consultation, Dr. Atkins and her medical team will discuss ablative lasers, Botox, or undereye filler as possible alternatives or additions to your treatment. These treatments will increase rejuvenation of the eye by lifting and tightening excess skin and eliminating bags or dark circles under the eye. For more energy and improvement of appearance under eyes, check out IV Therapy for moisture retention and skin brightening.

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