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Blu-U Light Therapy

Actinic Keratosis Treatment

Scaly, crusted patches form after UVA/UVB damage and sun exposure. Actinic Keratosis is precancerous lesions that can potentially develop into Squamous Cell Carcinoma or other skin cancers. It is important to treat these early to avoid scarring and disfigurement caused by cancer removal. These lesions can be pink to brown with dry, scaly patches that cover the surface of skin. They may itch or burn and are normally very sensitive to sunlight. A common treatment for this is Photo Dynamic Therapy, or PDT.

Blu-U blue light therapy atlanta

DUSA has created a revolutionary way to treat all patches of Actinic Keratosis at one time. The FDA-Approved Levulan Kerastick is applied topically to all lesions suspected to be precancerous AK's. It is then worn for four to five hours while avoiding the sun. After the allotted time decided by Dr. Atkins, the patient will return to the office to sit under the Blu-U light. This activates all precancerous cells and destroys them. The patient will need to remain indoors for the next several days and the skin will be inflamed and sensitive to sunlight.

Acne Treatment

Inflammatory acne vulgaris can now be treated with the bacteria killing power of Blu-Light therapy. Patients with moderate to severe acne have seen a great reduction in new, active pustules and papules with regular treatments. Sebaceous Hyperplasia may also be treated this this modality and actively reduces the amount of sebum produced.

Levulanic acid may be used to treat aggressive and cystic acne. Sun exposure should be avoided for the next three days after treatment. 

More Information

Acne treatment atlanta

Dr. Debra Atkins or a member of her medical team will be able to provide an in-depth consultation customized to you and your skin. Please be sure to call your insurance company prior to your procedure as PDT or Blu-U light therapy may be covered.

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