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Butt Augmentation

Starting to notice that your buttocks is falling and loosing volume? Often referred to as a "pancake butt", a buttocks begins to sag and squats begin to no longer doing their job. A butt augmentation or "Brazilian Butt Lift" plumps and lift the buttocks without silicone enhancements. A natural lifted buttocks is possible by using your bodies own cells. Dr. Atkins and her medical team perform SmartLipo to provide a contoured body. Your own cells are injected and aesthetic placed into the buttocks. Results natural enough no one will know, but they will definitely notice!


The Procedure

Volume loss in the buttock region is a side effect of aging. Currently, there are very few way to treat the sagging skin around the buttock including silicone implants and your own bodies adipose cells. Fat (Adipose) cells are harvested after liposuction is performed on the abdomen or flanks. The cells are then placed in a centrifuge to be purified. Reinjection into predetermined locations is the last and final step of the process. A specially crafted garment is to be worn for 3 weeks to achieve optimal, contoured results. The downtime is minimal and patients are normally able to return to work in 7-10 days. Your clothes will fit like never before!

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