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Does your skin resemble an orange peel?

Creams, brushes, and at-home laser treatments boast that they are able to cure cellulite. Unfortunately cellulite can be very deep and cause severe, painful dimpling. Areas where we treat cellulite include: thighs, arms, knees, and flanks. Your skin's overall tone will be improved and tight fitting clothes will lay smoother. Exilis, ThermiTight, and liposuction are the key ways we treat cellulite at Physicians Aesthetics.

Cellulite occurs when the fascia surrounding the muscle attaches in a band like formation. This banding traps the fat causing it to become hard and bulge outside of the fascia. This combination can become painful and very hard to eliminate. Lasers are usually fast and efficient solutions.

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A metal tip is rolled strategically in between the bands and heat can be felt. Your laser technician may mark these areas to properly treat large bands. Radio frequency is targeted into the bulging fat outside of the fascia. This melts the fat while smoothing and destroying fat cells. 3-6 treatments are needed on average to improve the appearance of cellulite.


ThermiTight is a minimally invasive and more permanent option to treat cellulite. A very small probe is inserted and administers heat through radio frequency. The probe slices through cellulite banding while the radio frequency smooths the bulging fat. This is a great option for those who have hardened cellulite with minimal fat.


When cellulite is coupled with an excess of fat, Smartlipo may be necessary to contour cellulite. A cannula is inserted into the treatment area and is moved in a feather-like motion by Dr. Debra Atkins. This creates a smooth, dimple-free result. This procedure is often coupled with ThermiTight to achieve the best results.

Schedule online or call 678-213-2220 to discuss your option for cellulite treatment with our highly trained medical team!

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