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Chin & Cheek Implants

The permanent contour of perfect cheek bones and a strong jawline are now achievable! Cheek and chin implants are a permanent solution to under-developed or unpronounced bone structures. Around the age of 18, visible signs of facial imperfections such as sunken cheeks and a "weak" chin begin to show. A symmetrical face encourages confidence and inner strength.

Juvederm Volux and Juvederm Voluma works as Implants for Facial Correction

The most noticeable change that occurs in the process of aging is volume loss in the cheeks and chin. Over time, soft tissue begins to diminish and the underlying bone begins to show underdeveloped imperfections. Dr. Atkins will conduct an in-depth facial analysis to determine if you are a good candidate for chin and cheek implants. Many complain of their nose appearing larger with age due to their changing facial structures. A larger nose appears smaller if a strong chin is present. Prominent cheeks bones can help to make the face appear wider, making the nose appear less obvious.

During your consultation, Dr. Atkins may discuss filler products such as Juvederm VolumaTM, Radiesse, or Sculptra as alternatives to silicone implants. Each product previously listed lasts for up to two years and is an injectable solution to volume loss. These products either mimic bone or a silicone implant and are safely absorbed by the body over time. This is a great alternative for those wanting to see what they will look like prior to surgery or those who are unready to commit to a more invasive surgery. 

Radiasse, Juvederm Volux and Voluma works for Chin Implants

The Procedure

The surgeon will mark your cheeks prior to your procedure ensure proper placement of the implant. A small incision is made where a sterile silicone or malar implant is inserted to be attached to the bone. Once inserted and moved into the proper position, small sutures are placed to close the opening to reduce or eliminate chances of scarring. For the chin implantation, the incision is made under the boney projection just under the jaw line. This is performed under general or sedation anesthesia depending on the surgical requirements of the procedure. A secure head wrap should be worn over the treated area. 


A Bony Genioplasty, or bone surgery, may be required to properly place the implant to achieve proper symmetry in the cheeks. Often these implants are placed in junction with Necklift surgery to promote proper healing. The surgeon will discuss post operative instructions and a follow up appointment will be scheduled accordingly.

Porous Polyethylene or Silicone Implants are most commonly used to make results permanent and appear more natural. Slight swelling and tenderness may be present for up to a week after surgery. If you would like more information about cheek and chin augmentation, please call 678-213-2220 to schedule an in-depth consultation with Dr. Atkins or a member of the medical team.

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