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Dry, scaly patches of skin can form known as Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis. This chronic, inflammatory skin disease normally appears in the elbow crease, behind the knee, and on the face. The look is normally red-brown patches that thicken over time and can have deep cracks and fissures. 


10% of children present with this disease while only 3% of adults continue to show these symptoms. This is a genetic condition with the chance of receiving it from a parent at 25%. Children may experience dry, itchy patches that go away when they become adults. These adults may experience Flare-Ups later in life. Itchy reddish-brown patches form sores and can weep with scratching.

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The Treatment

The treatment of Atopic Dermatitis ranges from avoidance of harsh soaps and moisturizers to the application of topical antihistamines or steroids. Oral antihistamines and steroids may be given in more aggressive cases. Ultraviolet light therapy may also help to combat the formation of patches and sores. Dr. Atkins may compound a specific IV Nutritional Therapy Solution that can be catered to you for a helpful vitamin infusion. 

Please schedule online or call 678-213-2220 set up a Dermatology appointment with Dr. Debra Atkins to further discuss your options.  

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