Introducing the world's first Abdomen, Buttocks, Biceps, Triceps, Thigh, and Calf muscle-building fat-burning device for both Men and Women. HIFEM® (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate contractions causing the treated area to perform on average 10,000 contractions in one session.

Treatments are performed twice a week for two weeks. This laser simultaneously builds muscle and burns fat in 20-30 minute sessions. In the video, fat is destroyed on a molecular level and depicts how EmSculpt initiates permanent fat loss. Results can be seen as early a one treatment, but you will continue to see improvement over the following 6 months after completion.

EmSculpt video depicting the process of fate destruction during multiple contractions over a 30 minute session. EmSculpt is offered at Physicians Aesthetics and Atlanta MediSpa. It is sometimes packaged with Vanquish or Liposuction.
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