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Fraxel is perfect for someone looking for an all encompassing treatment that provides overall rejuvenation. Wrinkles, keratosis, scarring, sun damage, pigment irregularities, and premature aging can all be corrected in one to three treatments. Fraxel, also known as profractional from Sciton, causes a surge of collagen and elastin production which tighten skin, breakdown of pigmentation irregularities, and skin luminosity. Face, neck, chest, arms, above the knees, and the back of hands can all be treated. Any scarring on the face and body can also be treated with this laser. 

The Procedure

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The Erbium-Yag penetrates deep into the skin's membrane, also known as the dermis. Stimulating this layer encourages collagen production to reveal more youthful, healthier skin. Energy strategically burns the skin in a dot-like pattern that feels slightly rough to the touch. This dot pattern can be seen for 3 to 4 days. The skin feels similar to a sunburn and remains sensitive to the touch for an average of two days. Results can been seen after 1 month with optimal results to be seen after 3 months. ColoreScience powder may be worn the after the procedure to resume normal life.

Side effects include burning, scarring, pigmentation changes, viral outbreaks, and bacterial infections; however, Dr. Atkins and her medical team have years of training to help prevent these side effects. To decrease recovery time, a microdermabrasion may be beneficial in order to remove dead, peeling skin. IV therapy may also assist in the healing process to facilitate growth of collagen and elastin production.

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