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Hair Loss

Normal hair shed is between 50-100 hairs per day, when the loss exceeds 150 follicles per day then it may be time to see a specialist. Hair follows the pattern of three phases Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen in a cycle that should cause natural, consistent hair growth. Anagen is the initial phase of hair growth, when a hair naturally falls out a new hair begins to form in its place. This new hair lasts roughly anywhere from 2-8 years and is the most active growth of any phase. When the hair follicle begins to slow production, this begins the Catagen phase which ultimately results at the end of hair growth for that hair strand. Telogen is the final stage that holds the hair until it is ready to naturally detach and release the hair through everyday circumstances. Hair Loss often comes from a problem in the Anagen phase, either in the process of beginning the growth of a new hair bulb or in releasing the hair shaft too early. Hair loss comes from many factors such as everyday lifestyle choices, current medications, or hereditary issues which is why choosing a well-rounded Dermatologist or hair specialist is ideal.

What to expect

A Physician may start their discovery by determining which phase most of the hair is in. A Physician may ask you several questions about you and your medical history to pinpoint the cause. Hair loss can be the cause of several different reasons such as medications, a thyroid condition, heredity, or changes in hormones to name a few. Treatments can include oral prescriptions,  Kenalog or  PRP Injections, Light Therapy,  nutritional supplements,  and/or Hair Transplants. Dr. Atkins specializes in Preventative Medicine as well as, Dermatology making her an excellent choice to discuss your hair loss needs.

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