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Silhouette Instalift

Tired of receiving filler for lower face volume correction? Not ready to commit to a face-lift? Introduction the first FDA cleared non-surgical micro-suspension technologyTM   in an absorbable suture. Silhouette Instalift is a treatment of sagging skin and volume loss in the nasolabial folds, mid-cheek area, and upper neck area. Feel instantly younger after the one-hour procedure is complete.

The absorbable sutures have bi-directional cones made with polyglycolide and L-lactide. Three to four sterile Instalift strings are placed on each side of the face and neck. Micro-cones are inserted in the deepest layer of skin just above the muscle. The physician then slightly tugs on the suture to ensure that it is properly placed in the optimal tightening position. This tightness lifts nasolabial folds back to their original placement while correcting volume loss in the cheeks. The treated area continues to improve in appearance for six months with results maintaining for two years. As the sutures begin to dissolve, a surge of collagen is produced increasing plumpness and firmness.

Topical or injectable numbing is done prior to the procedure so minimal to no pain is to be expected. Bruising, swelling, pain or tenderness are possible side effects and on average last 24-48 hours. Post care instructions will be provided by your physician after the procedure. Pricing is determined by the patients individual needs. This often an add on to hair transplant surgery to enhance overall appearance.

Instalift Atlanta
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