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Laser Scar Treatment

Laser treatments, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion are 3 options to treat facial and body scarring. During your in-depth consultation, your provider will choose what best suits you. Ablative lasers breakup scar tissue, while chemical peels exfoliate topically. Microdermabrasion is used to heal healthy tissues via collagen production. IV therapy may assist in the plumping of scars.


Ablative lasers such as Fraxel and Microneedling both assist in the correction of deep scars. 1-6 treatments are needed on average to achieve total correction. Improvement should be seen after each treatment.

Fraxel is an energy based laser that penetrates the the dermis in a dot-like pattern and breaks down scar tissue. The scar tissue, once pierced, is forced to heal with your bodies normal, healthy tissue. Face and body scars can be improved with 1-5 treatments. While the Co2 laser is similar in execution, the Fraxel provides a quarter of the down time with the average being 4 days. 

SkinPen Microneedling has revolutionized the scar correction treatment. With only  24 hours of downtime, patients are able to get back to their lives faster. SkinPen uses mechanical needles to puncture the scar tissue while encouraging the body to heal with healthy new tissue rich with collagen. Numbing is available for those sensitive to pain. On average 4-8 treatments are needed for full correction. 

Depending on the depth of the scar, Dr. Atkins may combine these treatments to properly achieve scar correction. Side effects may include burns, scars, pigmentation change, infection, and reactivating cold sores. However, Dr. Atkins' vast knowledge and experience will minimize the likelihood of negative side effects. Post care instruction will be given to help prevent any side effects. Physicians Aesthetics has been open for over 15 years and our medical professionals understand how to achieve the maximum results with minimal downtime in a safe way.

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