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Cosmetic Lasers are important to prevent and correct problems such as excessive hair growth, body sculpting, hyperpigmentation, sagging skin, redness, and hair transplant. Here at Physicians Aesthetics, Dr. Atkins and her medical team have extensively studied lasers and have created protocols that provide the most effective, efficient treatments. Lasers may be sold as a stand-alone practice or as a combination with other treatments. A true aesthetic practice understands that to achieve your best results 


Shaping and contouring the body requires a true aesthetic eye. Here at Physicians Aesthetics, Dr. Debra Atkins is known for her ability to provide smooth, shaped results while maintaining an hourglass figure for women. She also specializes in contouring men to provide a masculine shape and highlighting their natural muscular structure. In offering numerous body sculpting laser such as Vanquish, EmSculpt, or Coolsculpting, Dr. Atkins is able to provide lasting catered to your body!

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