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Permanent Makeup for Hair, Lips, & EyeBrows

Tired of drawing your eyebrows or applying lipstick everyday? Do you have to strategically wear your hair down to cover bald spots? Permanent makeup may be an option for you! We offer this service for partially or fully missing eyebrows, receding hairlines, and lips that appear to be loosing their color. Hair Transplant may be considered for those who are loosing hair quickly. Achieve natural results for up to 2 years with 1-3 treatments spaced 6 weeks apart.

The Procedure

Using either a fan or tapping technique, small needles are inserted into the treatment area. The needles deposit cosmetic tattoo pigments into the skin in an embroidery pattern. The pigmented dye is semi-permanent and is manually placed into the dermis, just below the skin. 

The procedure my be slightly uncomfortable so numbing is available. Inflammation can occur during the first few hours. The area may itch or have a slight tiingling sensation that may last for up to a week. In most cases, patients to do not have any reaction to this procedure. During the first 2 weeks after the procedure, patients may experience darkening of the pigment. After this time, the area will heal and then pigment will settle to the proper color.


A complimentary 4-6 week touch up appointment will be scheduled after your treatment. Pigment will begin to fade after 12 to 18 months with pigment completely faded after 2 years. An in-depth consultation will be given and a quote will be provided. The number of treatments needed determines the price.

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