Platlet-Rich Plasma for Hair Loss

Hair loss does not have to mean surgery. We often have patients who delay coming in to treat hair loss do to fear of surgery! The truth is the sooner you come in after the start of hair loss, the more likely you are to see your hair come back. The hair bulb that has recently become dormant is often ready to grow new hair, but without proper treatment the hair shaft growing may be brittle, the follicle can be stagnant or shrinking, or the turnover rate of hair can be out of sorts. We offer several different ways to treat hair loss including PRP injections, supplemental therapy, Theradome, and other modalities to stimulate hair and increase the thickness of hair.

Platelets create a networked structure stimulating the natural growth of the follicle, increasing the diameter of hair and the

density for over all growth. They contain your bodies own growth factors and can mimic cells where ever they are transported to promote healing. These injections can also be used to stimulate and encourage proper healing in newly implanted hair bulbs. 



Unlike other offices, the platelet-rich plasma injected belongs to you and is spun in office in our centrifuge. The treatment is started with a quick blood draw, it is spun to separate the PRP, and then is injected into the scalp. This simple process can be achieved in less than an hour. Pain at the injection site, infection, tenderness, and itching are possible side effects.

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