Platlet-Rich Plasma And Hair Loss

What is PRP ?

Platelet-rich Plasma is made from your own blood after it is taken and treated it is concentrated up to 12 times more platelets than found in circulating blood.  It also contains growth factors and proteins that are bioactive and promotes hair growth.  It is also very popular in other surgical procedures like knee repair.  It may be helpful in your hair loss from pattern baldness to telogen effluvium and alopecia areata.  During your consult more information can be given.

Who should get PRP Treatments with Dr. Atkins?

Dr. Atkins does all of the PRP treatments herself.  This means an experienced, board certified physician is treating the area.  The importance of who is treating and injecting you cannot be overstressed.  She has the understanding of where to inject, how far to inject the PRP to achieve maximum effectiveness.  How many treatments you might need and how often.

Not everyone should be a candidate.  Dr. Atkins will evaluate the stage of loss, the type of loss, and the pros and cons of treatment.

Certain medications and certain medical conditions may interfere with the effectiveness of PRP.

What is the PRP Hair Loss Treatment Like?

When platelets are injected into the scalp, with all of their growth factors, they travel to the injured hair follicle and stimulate thie follicle to make better hair by hormonal signaling.  In hormone signaling, the platelets call and attract other growth factors like stem cells to the area to repair the hair follicle.

After the scalp is numb, with topical or injectable means, the PRP is injected into the scalp in small aliquots about 1cm apart. 

These injections can also be used to stimulate and encourage proper healing in newly implanted hair bulbs.  In our  office we offer SMARTGRAFT to remove and transplant healthy donor site hair to areas that need more density.


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