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Smartlipo by Dr. Atkins


At Atlanta MediSpa and Surgery Center, Dr. Atkins uses State of the Art techniques to get State of the Art results. Dr. Atkins is board-certified with the American Board of Laser Surgery and is known for her impecible Smartlipo technique and above-average results. Patients from all over the world seek out Dr. Atkins for her expertise in Smartlipo and Liposuction.

3 months post procedure

Results can be seen immediately, but ideally are achieved 3 months post procedure. Smartlipo can be peformed on the abdomen, inner thighs, arms, submental (under the chin), flanks and more!

Dr. Atkins demonstrating the Smartlipo procedure at Atlanta Medical Day Spa and Surgery Center, LLC

The Procedure

Dr. Atkins' Smart Lipo with Tumescent technology is performed at Physicians Aesthetics. The patient is under conscious sedation while tumescent technology is used to locally numb the area. This technique utilizes fluids and diluted lidocaine to fill and expand the fat compartment. This injected solution also contains epinephrine, which forces the small blood vessels to constrict so that there is minimal to no bleeding during the procedure. This technique increases the margin of safety, improves the safety of large volume liposuction, greatly reduces the risk of surgical blood loss,​ decreases the likelihood of surface (skin) irregularities and eliminates the risk involved with general, intubated anesthesia. Small incisions are made for the cannula to enter. SmartLipo™ laser system uses a carefully calibrated laser to liquefy fat deposits through the top layers of the patient's skin. The laser actually ruptures fat cells, and the resulting oily, liquid substance is removed through the tiny incision in the skin by Dr. Atkins. If you are looking for fat transfer, different modalities are used. All of this will be discussed during the consult.

Smartlipo real people real results
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