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Stretch Mark & Scar Revision

Stretch Marks

Stripes don't have to be permanent. Stretch marks are lines that can form from rapid growth, weight gain, or pregnancy. They can be painful and appear almost hollow in texture. Over the counter products can be beneficial to soften the appearance, but depending on the depth of the stretch mark a laser may be needed. Light lasers such as IPL are used to remove the reddish or purple appearance of scars. An ablative laser, such as Fraxel or SkinPen Microneedling, is performed after IPL to break up the stretched tissue. Multiple treatments may be necessary depending on the severity of the scar. Injectable filler may also be a solution for those who have depressed stretch marks. Initally skin will be smooth and flat, but you recieve the added benefit of your bodies natural collagen creating structures to keep these marks from reaching the orginal depth again.


While some scars we cherish as memories, others can leave discoloration and disfigurement. Some over the counter products boast the improvement of the appearance of scars, but after the healing process is complete these products can often be unsuccessful. The most successful treatment is normally to increase your bodies own natural healing process through an ablative laser. Collagen and elastin surge the area to create healthy scar-free tissue. For very deep scaring, injectable filler may help to soften scar tissue, fill depressed scars, and increase your bodies own natural collagen production. Occasionally scaring will need cosmetic surgery to remove the scar tissue and properly close it. There are solutions to scars new and old. IV therapy may be successful for these scars to help hydrate and plump the tissue.

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The Procedure


After your consultation, the ablative laser treatment will be performed. The type of laser used will depend on depth and the amount of down time allowed. Fraxel yields 3-4 days of downtime while Skin Pen Microneedling only yields 24 hours of slightly irritated skin. Injectable fillers have no downtime and side effects will be discussed in office. Pracasil is a topical silicone based product with Pracaxi oil that significantly reduces the healing time for wounds that may potentially scar. Please schedule online or call 678-213-2220 to discuss your options with Dr. Debra Atkins today.

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