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Vampire Facial (PRP)

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy with Microneedling

Tightening of skin, elimination of scaring, improvement of hyperpigmentation, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and encouragement of collagen and elastin production all packed into one treatment with PRP. SkinPen is an FDA approved mechanical microneedling device containing sterile needles and the most accurately controlled depth on the market. Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy infuses your own plasma and stem cells to deeply into the previously-made channels. The combination has created a revolutionary way to eliminate acne scars and fight signs of aging. While most ablative lasers require days of healing, the downtime of the Vampire Facial has been reduced to an average of one day!

The Procedure

in the healing process, platelets are used to clot blood and release enzymes to promote rehabilitation. Stem cells are called to the area to assist in tissue regeneration. These are extracted through a blood draw at the beginning of your procedure. The PRP is then sealed, placed into a centrifuge, and spun into concentrated plasma for proper application. During this time, after proper topical numbing as been administered, microchannels are created via the SkinPen device at a depth determined in your in-depth consultation. Once the face is thoroughly treated, the PRP is applied topically over the microneedled area. The PRP should either been worn all day or slept in. After 12 hours, the PRP can be washed off. Redness and sensitivity may be experienced for an average of 24 hours after the procedure is performed.

FDA Approved.png

After the microneedling process, Collagen surges to the micro-channels to strengthen and thicken the damaged tissue. When PRP is added, the collagen and elastin sent to these micro-wounds triples in amount. Plumped, youthful skin begins to show one week after the procedure

The Benefits

Acne Scarring, Hyperpigmentation, and Wrinkles & Fine Lines can all be treated with a short one-hour Vampire Facial. This holistic treatment only uses your own bodily cells and healing functions to promote natural plumping results. Call 678-213-2220 or schedule online for your consultation with Dr. Atkins or her medical team.

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