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Hand Rejuvenation

Your hands, while they are the most seen body part by you, are used and abused everyday. As we age, our hands can begin to show wear and tear such as skin cancer, sun spots, wrinkles, or a sunken appearance. Many contribute the way their hands look as a sign of aging. While we lather our face and neck with anti-aging serums and creams, our hands are not treated as kindly.

Serums such as RetinA and Collagen boosting-vitamin C are essential to daily treat the signs of aging. With consistent use sunspot will being to diminish and the skin will become thicker. Depending on the depth of the damage, IPL laser treatment may be necessary as well. IPL, intense pulsed laser, targets red or brown pigment in the skin causing the veins or sun spots to become dark. The blemish then sloughs off through regular hand washing. Your hands will be clear and blemish-free after one to four treatments. Ablative lasers may also be an option for volume loss provide a surge of collagen.


Injectable such as RadiesseTM or SculptraTM may also be an option to properly fill in hollowness in between each tendon on the back of the hand. These injections are made by a small needle and results last up to two years. During liposuction, adipose (fat) may be reinjected into the hand creating a more youthful look. The results of this are dramatic and immediate with results being more permanent. Dr. Debra Atkins specializes in hand rejuvenation knows how to provide long lasting results.

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