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Keratosis Pilaris

Hard, red bumps may occur on arms and legs normally around follicles. This can be an accumulation of Keratin and dead skin cells on the follicle also known as Keratosis Pilaris. The bumps that form can usually be felt before they are seen as they are dense and may itch. These often the size of a grain of salt and look like goose bumps that are constantly present. KP does not always create red bumps sometimes they appear to be skin colored. This skin condition gets gradually worse in the Winter and may go away in the Summer. In most cases, KP is self-limiting and ends with age. Females often experience this worse then men. Keratosis Pilaris is very common and can appear to be dry skin to the naked eye.

The Treatment

Keratosis Pilaris is most easily treated with exfoliation. Flawless Skin Online KP Wash should be used in the shower 3 times a week and increasing if there is no change in symptoms. This product is gentle enough to be used everyday. Flawless Skin Online KP Moisturizer should be applied directly after the shower and as needed throughout the day. The Skin Cancer Foundation has stated that using exfoliative products such as the Flawless Skin KP line, prevents skin cancer. 


If symptoms persist or become worse, please call 678-213-2220 to schedule an medical visit with Dr. Debra Atkins to rule out a more serious cause or condition. It is important to be seen to receive a proper diagnosis. If dry skin is bothering you, check out IV therapy for increased hydration.

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