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Nail Treatments

Nails that are soft, weak, or brittle can be something more serious. Onychoschizia is the term for soft nails. The tone, shape, texture, and strength of your nails will be tested and checked to receive a proper diagnosis. Natural aging, regular moist conditions, or a thyroid condition can be the cause of brittle, weak nails. If your weak nails are diagnosed as a vitamin deficiency, customized IV nutritional therapy may be helpful.

Dr. Debra Atkins may run lab tests for iron, ferritin, thyroid, and a complete metabolic panel to determine the cause of the brittleness in nails. After Dr. Atkins provides a diagnosis, vitamin supplements such as Biotin or B complex may be helpful. Moisturizers such as Flawless Skin NightTime Dream Cream may be beneficial to help correct flaking nails. 

A treatment that Dr. Atkins may suggest is Nuvail to help strengthen nails as they grow. Nuvail is 16% Polyureaurthane and adheres to the nail surface preventing abrasion and friction. This nail solution also creates a barrier when washing your hands frequently.

Schedule online or call 678-213-2220 to schedule an in-person Dermatology visit with Dr. Debra Atkins.

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